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Hi I’m Fiammy! I am an abstract fluid artist born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently live and work in Daly City as an artist and Eighth Grade English Teacher. I play guitar and piano, and when the world gets me down, I like to write songs, poems, and create art. Creating beauty in the face of hardship is how I make sense of this wonderful, reckless world. I am attracted to abstract art because unlike other forms, the artist does not have to suggest what the viewer should see. I hope viewers can relate to the various emotions laid deep within my paintings, or write their own stories within the hard lines, flowing layers, and soft pillowy fades that are best accomplished through my medium of choice, alcohol inks. 

Since discovering alcohol inks in 2018, I have been inspired by the way the ink and alcohol create dynamic abstract forms against negative space. I am drawn to the undertones that emerge from each of the inks, and the way the metallic mixatives clump, float, flake, and sink. Much like my job as a teacher, I constantly work to master the balance between having a firm control over the medium, and interfering as little as possible to allow the ink to reach its greatest potential independently. The abstract shapes and distinct color schemes reflect the diversity, resilience, and joy that young minds reveal to me every day. With each piece, I aim to echo my firm belief that everyone and everything on this earth has immense beauty and power, just as long as we choose to see it.

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